Construction Market Report


The Construction Market Report is available for 4 distinct territories.


Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Why did my E-mail report drop letters?

A: When Acrobat Reader upgrades its products, dropped letters are the method used to indicate it is time to upgrade your version. Acrobat Reader upgrade is a free download. However, the upgrade takes a relatively long time using a dialup connection.

(Click here to download Acrobat Reader)

Q: Why are my letters to builders being returned? I know we are using the correct geographical address.

A: When a builder or contractor uses a post office box number as his official mailing address, the P. O. Box # must be shown first in his mailing address. When the city has separate zip codes for post office boxes, the correct zip must also be used. (Note: If a business has a P. O. Box, the Post Office normally will not deliver to the geographical address.)

Q: How can I get additional mailing labels for either the professional builders & contractors or the do-it-yourself home builders?

A: Call CMR. We can create special searches to provide groups of labels. You can specify that you want all builders, do-it-yourself builders, or only those builders who were issued permits in the past 12 months. The price will vary according to your subscription.

Q: How do I convert the single page of labels you send me to Avery labels I can use?

A: If you received the page of labels in your Email, simply use it as your master and copy the labels onto a page of Avery 5161 labels on your office copier.

If you receive a label file attached to your E-mail report, you can put a page of Avery 5161 labels in your printer and print straight to the label. Either method will create self-adhesive labels for mailing.

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