Construction Market Report


Just a few highlights about Construction Market Report:

Who We Are ----- 
 --are publishers of residential and commercial building permit information
--document all new building permits issued by more than 200 building departments on an every 2 weeks basis
--have a database that currently includes 16,000 active builders.
--we update the database every week to reflect the latest address changes and add new builders entering the market.
--have building permit archives from 2000 to date for most counties
--have the ability to generate custom one-time reports for subscribers from our archives
--have the ability to generate Builder-Contractor-Architect-Design Professional labels or lists for any geographical area.
Our Background:
 --have actively worked with and marketed builders, contractors, subcontractors, and vendors since 1989
--are currently active members of: National Association of Home Builders.
--have served as an Indiana Builders Association Area Vice President
Mission Statement
We, the publishers of the Construction Market Report, are compilers and distributors of information that gives our subscribers a real competitive advantage. In addition to giving them what they ask for, we provide our subscribers with additional information and services they can use to secure a better market position
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